It was back in the spring of 2015 that Chris Davies and I (along with Jamie - Chris' drone pilot and my wife, Jenn) made the long journey north to Assynt, and the small coastal town of Lochinver.

Ever since Chris had got his drone license, we had a plan in mind to shoot a trail running short. I wanted to pick the most spectacular location I could think of - somewhere that would really make the most of the variety of shots a drone would offer. We had a tough 4 days shooting, but got lucky with the weather (mostly) and headed home with some great shots in the bag. Editing always takes a long time, especially when squeezing it in between other work. We also wanted an original soundtrack that matched the drama and majesty of the landscape. Fortunately my brother, Alex is a composer by trade, and has created a beautiful score. 

The full story of the film will be live on Sidetracked in the near future. I'll be sure to let you know when. In the mean time, grab a brew, settle back and enjoy.