Its maybe a strange way to open a new website, but I’ve lost the love for writing a little bit lately. I just haven’t felt inspired to write much. I’ve been working on commissions for magazines and websites, I’ve loved each and every one, but they aren’t writing for myself. I’ve simply not felt the desire to.

This is partly because I’ve felt like my words haven’t had a home. I created to document my racing and training. Changes in personal circumstances have meant I simply haven’t raced as much as I used to. Perhaps as a result of this, perhaps as a desire to find challenge, play, a sense of adventure outside of racing I’ve been looking elsewhere for the sense of self that being outside brings me.

I’ve come to realise that one of the reasons I loved racing was that it created stories. Stories I could sculpt, shape, tell and retell. Doing something that inspired and tested me, inspired me to write, and hopefully that writing inspired others. Telling the stories let me explore my own thoughts, offered a new perspective on experiences lived through and encouraged me to seek out new ones.

I want to re-find this. I want to tell new stories, I want to reignite my creativity.


What was lost will be found.